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Your form must be forever changing to understand these winds..
-chorus- stiff cords of rabbit skin lowest limbs broken necks the bad blend of sin holding teks socket heated in his palm clear flames blaze bust em' calm difficult to grip fire bombs with steady sawing motions glowing streams of blood dust ashes thrust drink the potion lust this you...
Ohhh they rumbling yo they stumbling word up yo they fumbling yeah grumpy n! @@as -verse- the royal herd... A mixed group numbers of nations yo son absurd they wildin' without raging or suion merchants - priests wondering orders check it spies came running actual thoughts eternal...
-verse 1- sudden madness when this is done the man's tone even in darkness was shown battle axe ton will cut through bone his stature terrorize and this is known off into the desert nights watch out for the scorpion and snake bites my brass pipe cracking heads fled from exact...