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Ladies it's joezy & joe micheal uganda ia bad girl fine girl big booty whine dat whine up your body fi mi! Chorus gimme dat x4 (instrumental) verse 1 baby baby tell me what you like it's a weekend we ain't beefing you're my shawty in the night all over girl i wanna put...
The party always know i'm a trendsetter i walk through the door and it gets better 2 c's on my feet like the third letter when we go to the crib, you know it's getting wetter all the gally trynna jump on my ting and the view from the back's exciting why you trynna seek cash but your...
Video coming soon... Lyrics: (and i'm going in) back to put these rappers on a sailor boat shoot at you with cannons and i watch you try to stay a float. Rip my enemy the emt will see ivs i'ma leave a crater in this game before i die most of you guys can't handle me most of you guys a fan...