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Track Hosting
Get more space and host 100 of your latest tracks. If you run out of space you can delete the old ones and upload new tracks as often as you like!
Pro Verified
Your pro verified badge will show on your tracks and profile page. More listens play tracks and artists choose to network with verified members on our platform.
Ad Free Profile Page
Remove all those annoying ad buttons and sponsors from your profile page. When fans arrive on your profile it's more likely they will listen your tracks or follow your social media links. Ideal when you're sharing your profile landing page on social media!
Instant Submission
If you're an authorised pro member you bypass our monitoring process and your sound tracks apear instantly in the categories. Please note that when uploading content you agree to be bound by the terms of this site and warrent that you own and control all rights to the content that you post.
Change Your Username
We get lots of users asking to change their username. If your a pro account just email our team and we'll update it asap!