brisbane, Australia
I am an experienced singer songwriter. My songs cross genres between soul, pop, rock and easy-listening. I am both a keyboardist and acoustic guitarist..
This song uses wild flowers to symbolise our lives, and the temporary nature of our lives. Chorus wild flowers, shining in the breeze, wild flowers seedlings into trees oh can’t you see, our lives are like wild flowers to me verse1 as another day passes, something in us grows we all grow...
This song is about living your dreams, and not letting discouragement or other factors get in the way. Go live your dream lyrics verse1 what will today bring, a chance for happy things, make the world a better place today find the child within, set your goals and win, you must believe and...
About two young people in love, but the whole situation is impractical lyrics verse1
 too young to be in love we’re told, we’ll show them that our love is gold, we always knew that we would find a
way, like two rough stones creating sparks the chemistry was there from the start