kitimat, Canada
Swilly music is the combined efforts of steve williams, kevin campbell, doug adair , carl holz and sometimes on keys jason long.
As i walk to my door i hear little footsteps on the floor they say yaaaay dad’s home baby tells me moms on the phone we dont have much an old truck that needs a new clutch i thank god for all we share like a cold beer in our lawn chairs i got not cares so i say ohhh yeah this is...
Oh just a little ditty about where things should be....
With all the darkness i can’t see all the trouble coming down on me in the thickets is where they lay you know this time that we pay to play yippy yippy yippy… yippy kia yippy yippy yippy… yippy kia they may be coming i say bring it on they’ll never see the break of dawn your not...